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Second Commission report on the state of the Schengen area

Europa Rapid “The Schengen area of free movement allows more than 400 million EU citizens from 26 European countries and an increasing number of non-EU citizens, to travel without internal border controls. Today the Commission adopted its second Schengen ‘health check’, a biannual overview on the functioning of the Schengen area…”

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Hungarian far-right leader requests ‘lists of Jews’

Euractiv “A Hungarian far-right politician urged the government to draw up lists of Jews who pose a “national security risk”, stirring outrage among Jewish leaders who saw echoes of fascist policies that led to the Holocaust…”

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First Annual Report on Transparency Register shows good start, and sets further objectives for 2013frdedaesnlitsvptfielcsethultlvmtplskslbgro

Europa Rapid “European Commission Press release Brussels, 27 November 2012 The first ever Annual Report on the Commission’s and European Parliament’s (EP) Joint Transparency Register of interest representatives shows the platform is working, with all the objectives for its first year of operations met…”


Encouraging High Level Dialogue in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Europa Rapid “European Commission MEMO Sarajevo, 27 November 2012 Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Poilicy Štefan Füle, participated today in the 2nd meeting of the High-level Dialogue on the Accession Process (HLDAP) with Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in Sarajevo today…”


Brussels, 25 November 2012 Declaration by the High Representative Catherine Ashton, on behalf of the European Union, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, 25 November 2012frdedaesnlitsvptfielcsethultlvmtplskslbgro

Europa Rapid “Violence and abuse affect women from all kinds of backgrounds every day. As many as seven in ten women around the world report having experienced physical violence at some point in their lifetime. The violence knows no geographical, cultural, social, economic or educational boundaries…”


Tackling online hate speech

Human Rights Europe “Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland and George Soros, Founder of the Open Society Foundations, are in Budapest today for the start of a two-day conference against online hate speech…”


Reuse confiscated mafia assets for social purposes, say MEPs

European Parliament News “Confiscated mafia assets should be re-used for social purposes, said members of the Special Committee on Organised Crime at Wednesday’s public hearing on money laundering…”


France: Protect against forced evictions

Amnesty International “The French authorities must immediately stop forced evictions affecting several thousand migrant Roma each year across the country, Amnesty International said in a report published today…”


EUROSUR border surveillance must help save migrants’ lives, say MEPs

European Parliament NewsProtecting the lives of migrants and refugees, especially at sea, must be a key aim of the EU’s new “Eurosur” border surveillance system, said the Civil Liberties Committee on Tuesday. When using Eurosur, member states must respect migrants’ human rights and personal data, it added in a vote endorsing a draft law to establish the system. In 2011, over 90% of illegal border crossings took place in four EU countries: Spain, Malta, Italy and Greece…”

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EDPS calls on the EU institutions to be fully accountable for their data protection responsibilities “The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), on Friday 23 November, adopted a Policy on Consultations in the field of Supervision & Enforcement. The policy guides and consults the EU institutions and bodies and Data Protection Officers (DPOs) on how to design measures or internal rules which involve the processing of personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (EC) No. 45/2001…”



Statewatch: Stockholm Programme: List of texts adopted by the Council of the European Union in the ASFJ: 2010-2012 (Word file, 53 pages)


Statewatch:Consolidated versions of the Treaty on the European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (OJ, 423 pages, 26010-12, pdf)


Statewarch: Meijers Committee: Note on the proposal for a General Data Protection Regulation and the proposal for a Directive on the protection of personal data in the area of judicial co-operation in criminal matters and police co-operation (COM(2012) 9,10 and 11) (pdf): “The Meijers Committee emphasizes that the adoption of a new legislative framework protecting the rights of individuals with regard to the processing of their personal data should be complemented with a comprehensive data protection policy within the EU…”


Statewatch. POLAND:The Rebirth of Radical Nationalism: Welcome back to the 30s (, link): “Warsaw – The past days following the Nationalist riots of November 11, 2012 have been a time of solemn reflection for those of us in Poland and our friends watching around the world. We have awoken to a new reality, not in a hyperbolic or theoretical sense, but to a practical new reality of fascist terror on the streets of our cities, escalating exponentially ..”


Statewatch: European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS): EDPS: greater accountability of EU institutions and bodies and involvement of DPOs for better data protection (Press release, pdf) and Opinion (pdf)


Statewatch: European Parliament study: Europe’s Crime-Terror Nexus: Links between terrorist and organised crime groups in the European Union (pdf)


StatewatchEU-KOSOVO:A damning audit on the EU in Kosovo(European Voice, link): “The failure of the Eulex mission has resulted in: “near-complete inaction on high-level corruption and organised crime has consolidated a ten-year tradition of impunity. And some inexplicable mistakes have objectively strengthened the leading faction of Kosovo’s elite, which could thus spread its influence so pervasively across the institutions that Kosovo is now at risk of state capture, as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) recently noted.” Background: Press release: Rule of law assistance to Kosovo not sufficiently effective (pdf) and Report by the European Court of Auditors: European Union Assistance to Kosovo related to the rule of law (pdf)”


Statewatch: “G6+1 Ministerial meeting: Readout of Secretary Napolitano’s Visit to London: Day 2 (US Homeland Security, link). The G6 is comprised of the Interior Ministers of France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom, the +1 is the USA: “Over the past year, the Department of Homeland Security, Europol, and EU partners have exchanged information on U.S. and EU based fusion center best practices, countering violent extremism” See UK government statement March, 2009: which said that in future the proceedings would be kept secret: “No formal conclusions would be issued after meetings”.”


Statewatch:Lampedusa’s cemetery (link) “Statement by mayor of Lampedusa, here is an abstract: “I’m outraged by the normalcy that seemed to have spread to everyone like contagion. I am scandalised by the silence of Europe that has just received the Nobel Peace Prize and yet is staying silent in the face of a massacre that has the numbers of a true war. I’m becoming more convinced that European policy on immigration considers this offering of human lives to be a way to restrict the flows of people, or maybe a deterrent”


Statewatch: EU: REGULATION ON ACCESS TO EU DOCUMENTS: The Council of the European Union has carried out a survey of Member States asking three questions. The first, and key, question concerns the definition of a “document” (Member States operate a different system based on the provision of “information”) and the so-called “space to think” (in order to keep documents secret in the decision-making process): Recast of Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001 regarding public access to European Parliament, Council and Commission documents – Discussion paper (pdf). Tony Bunyan, Statewatch Director, comments: “If anyone thought that EU Member States would provide examples of how to improve the Regulation of access to EU documents (1049/2001) this survey shows how wrong they are. For example, they operate systems based on the provision of “information” not that of access to documents – which has been in place in the EU for nearly 30 years. And they use very restrictive notions of the “space to think” including denying access where it would “give rise to misunderstandings”.”


Statewatch: EU: CLEAN IT: A questionnaire sent to the Terrorism Working Party of the Council of the European Union on behalf of Clean IT by the Netherlands government: Questionnaire to identify best practices used to limit Internet use by terrorists and extremists (pdf) circulated to member states in the EU Terrorism Working Party. Zero legislative or political impact on my work” (link to “Tweet), said the EU Home Affairs Commissioner. Is she on top of her brief? For background, see CLEAN IT: the secret EU surveillance plan that wasn’t”


Statewatch: EU: European police step up cooperation on technological research and development: EU Member States’ police forces have reinforced their cooperation on technological research and development, with current “priority areas” including video surveillance automatically cross-referenced with database searches; new systems for covert listening; research into open source and instrumentation signals intelligence (OSINT and ISINT); and even, through “physical or electronic means”, the ability to stop vehicles remotely or to “prevent a stationary vehicle from moving”. The suggestions are made in a document put together by the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services (ENLETS), an initiative started by France and now led by a “core group” made up of Belgium, Greece, France, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Poland, Finland and the UK


Statewatch: EU: European Commission report: Second biannual report on the functioning of the Schengen area 1 May 2012 – 31 October 2012 (pdf) and Press release (pdf)


Statewatch: EU-ECHR: Council of the European Union: Accession of the European Union to the European Convention for the protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (ECHR) – State of play (pdf)

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