FREE Newsletter: 11 & 12 July 2013



Greece reintroduces forced HIV testing
Euractiv: “A controversial measure that allows the police to detain people and force them to be tested for HIV has been reinstated by the new Greek health minister, Adonis Georgiadis.
In one of his first decisions as health minister, Georgiadis last week re-introduced the Public Health Decree 39A, which imposes measures such as obligatory testing for hepatitis, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and communicable diseases, according to the Greek media Enet.
Health organisations say the decree stigmatises drug users, sex workers and undocumented migrants in particular. The text also states that any occupants of housing which “may cause danger to public health” should be evicted from their homes, without any alternative being offered.
The measure, which was first introduced by Socialist health minister Andreas Loverdos in April 2012 shortly before the general election, resulted in the round-up and subsequent forced testing of hundreds of women.
The 17 found to be HIV positive had their names, personal details and photographs published in the media, on the grounds of protecting public health.
The women, identified as “prostitutes” (although there was no evidence that they were involved in sex work) and accused of being “health bombs”, were detained for months until they were finally acquitted of “intended bodily injury”.
The final five were released in March 2013. Shortly afterwards, the regulation was repealed…”


Ombudsman slams commission on lobby register
Euobserver: “The EU Ombudsman has said the European Commission should make sure companies file accurate information on its lobby register and should grant access to NGOs to related documents…”

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Oil giants defends its EU lobby transparency:

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