FREE News: 20 October 2014

Jose Manuel Barroso: Reflections on Europe at Chatham House, London (Transcript)

President Barroso underlined that the EU’s future will not signify a “relentless march to one single super state” but an “ever closer union of the peoples of Europe” at a Chatham House Conference this morning. Comparing the arguments for the Scottish Independence debate to those for keeping Britain in the EU, Barroso assured that the EU’s “door has always been, and will always stay open” for the United Kingdom. Highlighting Barroso’s own efforts to assure that the UK has had a preferential package concerning opt-out rights under the Treaties and on matters in the AFSJ regarding Schengen, he also mentioned several judgements that the UK has received across the board over the abuse of freedom of movement and fundamental rights.  This comes when David Cameron has planned to announce further plans to curb the rights of EU migrants to work in the UK before the end of the year (BBC UK Politics). The Commission President affirmed that it would not be possible to make changes in the area of free movement that has been inscribed in the Treaties since the 1957 Treaty of Rome (The Guardian).

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