FREE News: 12 & 13th November 2014

12th & 13th November 2014

AFSJ: Anti-corruption chief: Fraud often begins when tender is written (Euractiv reports)

Often those who write the technical specifications of tenders play a key role in the corruption schemes for public procurement, the Chief Prosecutor of the Anti-Corruption Directorate of Romania (DNA) Laura Codruța Kövesi told EurActiv Romania…”

…Laura Codruța Kövesi took the post of Chief Prosecutor of DNA in October 2006, being the first woman to be appointed at this post. At the age of 33 in 2006, she is also one of the youngest Prosecutors-General that Romania has had. Before her position as Prosecutor-General, Kövesi was the head of the Department of Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism Offences (DIICOT) branch in Sibiu County, responsible for the fight against organised crime and terrorism…” (Euractiv link)

AFSJ: Confiscation of criminal profits reluctantly applied in Romania (Euractiv reports)

The European Commission considers confiscation a strategic priority in the fight against organised crime and corruption. However, Bucharest is still hesitant to introduce this practice. EurActiv Romania reports..”.

…Experts from older EU members have emphasised to their Romanian counterparts the benefits of introducing extended confiscation of goods originating from criminal activities in their countries…” (Euractiv link)

12th November 2014

AFSJ:Military deserters may claim EU asylum (EU Observer reports)

Military personnel may claim asylum in the EU if they consider themselves to be at risk of prosecution or punishment for refusal to perform military service which might involve committing war crimes, according to an opinion by the EU’s top court…”

…In a legal opinion released Tuesday (11 November), Eleanor Sharpston, the advocate general for the European Court of Justice, stated that it was “not necessary to establish beyond reasonable doubt that violations of international criminal law can be expected to occur…” (EUObserver link)

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