Free news: 17th December 2014

Free news 17 December 2014


New EU Security Strategy must tackle emerging threats, MEPs say.

On 17 December, the EP adopted a resolution on the new internal security strategy for 2015-2019. The new 2015-2019 Strategy is being drawn up by the Commission and will be formally adopted by the Council.

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The new Internal Security Strategy for 2015-2019 should be “easily adaptable to evolving situations” with a joined-up approach across the Union to tackle foreign fighters, cyber-security, human trafficking, organised crime, money laundering and corruption”…

One day before, on 16 December 2014, the EP adopted a resolution demanding a “global European approach to migration”, as well as more effort to prevent further deaths at sea. The resolution called the LIBE committee to submit a strategic initiative report on this issue before the end of 2015. The resolution is a call for EU to responsibility and solidarity to member states welcoming the largest number of migrants.


Confronting criminals, protecting vulnerable migrants

Opinion by Yury Fedotov, Executive Director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.

Full article published in Euobserver

It is just over a year since the 3 October Lampedusa tragedy, which saw more than 300 people drown when their unseaworthy ships sank in sight of the Italian island. At the time it seemed to many a tragedy of unprecedented scale. It should have been a call to action, a turning point that brought states together, north and south, to address the factors driving this flight and confront the smugglers” …

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