FREE News:1st April

AFSJ (data protection): ‘Facebook tracking said to breach EU law'(EUObserver): Facebook is tracking users, both on and offline, contravening EU privacy rules, according to a report.

AFSJ (PNR):’Mexico backs off airline sanction threat on PNR’ (EUOBSERVER): Mexico has backed off its 1 April deadline for EU-based airline carriers to transfer passenger name record (PNR) details or face $30,000 fines for each flight to the country. Mexican tax authorities in a statement on Tuesday said the new deadline is 1 July to allow for EU-level negotiations.

ASFJ (Cybersecurity): ‘Cyber security directive held up in face of ‘Wild West’ Internet’ (Euractiv): ‘Disagreements between member states are holding up proposals for pan-European cyber security rules, whilst experts warn that the threat from an anarchic Internet is increasing.’

AFSJ (migration): ‘African envoy expresses concern over EU migrant center plans’ (NewEurope): African Union’s envoy to the European Union says EU plans to process migrants in the countries they leave or transit on their way to Europe is “a dangerous approach.”

AFSJ (Terrorism): ‘France and Germany want clampdown on terrorist financing’ (EUOBSERVER):France and Germany have urged the EU to clamp down on the financing of terrorism, reports the WSJ. “Co-ordination at the European level is essential since national-level freezes may be easily circumvented due to the open nature of the European market,” a joint letter says.

AFSJ (European Ombudsman): ‘Irregularities in carrying out an investigation concerning the complainant.

AFSJ (Freedom of expression): Trócsányi: ‘There are different interpretations of democracy’: ‘Critics of Hungary “lack objectivity” and it is a “fantasy” to say the press is not free in this country, said László Trócsányi, Hungary’s Minister of Justice. The Orbán loyalist maintains that democracy can exist in both neo-liberal and “more conservative” contexts (… ) (Euractiv)

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