FREE News: 21st April

EU to double size of Mediterranean rescue operations (EurActiv)

“..The mass deaths have caused shock in Europe, where a decision to scale back naval operations last year seems to have increased the risks for migrants without reducing their numbers..””..The situation in the Mediterranean is dramatic. It cannot continue like this,” said European Council President Donald Tusk, calling an extraordinary summit of EU leaders for Thursday to plan how to stop human traffickers and boost rescue efforts.”

Read the full article here

Parliament’s opposition to TTIP arbitration on the rise (EurActiv)

“..Half of the European Parliament’s committees have rejected the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership’s (TTIP) investor-state dispute settlement mechanism (ISDS), casting doubt over the trade deal’s prospects of to passing through Parliament..”

Read the full article here

EU mulls boat-sinking plans to curb migrant smugglers (EuObserver)

“.;Plans to destroy boats used by EU-bound migrants are among a list of ten EU-led solutions to address the unfolding humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean..”

Read the full article here

EU seen as not supportive of British financial sector (EuObserver)

“..Seventy three percent of the City of London executives would “definitely” or “probably” vote to stay in the EU, according to a survey by the CSFI think tank. But only 16% think the EU is supportive of British financial sector, with 42% considering the EU as “hostile” to City interests..”

EU-US agreement on reinsurance: Council agrees to negotiations

(European Council press Releases)

“..The Council on 21 April 2015 issued a mandate to the Commission to negotiate an agreement with the United States on reinsurance.

The mandate consists of a decision authorising the opening of talks and directives for the negotiation of the agreement. The Commission will negotiate on behalf of the EU, in consultation with a Council committee. The agreement will be concluded by the Council with the consent of the European Parliament..”

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