FREE News: 29th and 30th April

EAFSJ and AFSJ (Migration): Parliament calls for urgent measures to save lives (European Parliament Press Releases): The EU should do everything possible to prevent further loss of life at sea, e.g. by expanding the mandate of “Triton” operation in the Mediterranean to include “search and rescue operations at EU level”, says a resolution voted by Parliament on Wednesday.[…]

EAFSJ and AFSJ (Migration): Report by President Donald Tusk to the European Parliament on the special European Council on migration (Council of the European Union Press Releases): […]Saving the lives of innocent people remains the priority. But this does not just include rescuing people at sea. It is also, in the short term, and maybe most importantly, about stopping the smugglers from putting thousands more lives at risk. It is about helping and engaging the migrants’ home countries, the countries that they journey through, and those Member States that face the greatest migratory pressure. […]

EAFSJ and AFSJ (Migration): MEPs call on member states to share asylum seeker burden (Euractiv): EU lawmakers Tuesday (28 April) demanded the bloc share the burden of accepting asylum seekers, as the pressure on southern European countries from migrants crossing the Mediterranean showed no sign of easing. […]

EAFSJ and AFSJ (Migration): Juncker annoys centre-right on migration (EUObserver): EU commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker has said the outcome of the EU’s recent summit on migration was “inadequate” and put himself directly at odds with his own centre-right political family by calling for the door to be opened to legal migration. […]

EAFSJ and AFSJ (Migration): MEPs challenge Orban’s ‘horrible’ migration survey (EUObserver): Liberal members of the European Parliament on Tuesday (April 28) urged the European Commission and fellow members states to verify that a public consultation on migration launched in Hungary complies with EU values and laws. […]

EAFSJ and AFSJ (Human Rights): EU proposes new Joint Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy (European Commission Press Releases): […] This week the European Commission and the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs Security Policy adopted a joint Communication on an EU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy which will cover the period 2015-2019. […].

See also: Joint Communication to the European Parliament and the Council: Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy (2015-2019) “Keeping human rights at the heart of the EU agenda”

AFSJ (Mass surveillance): The Slovak Constitutional Court cancelled mass surveillance of citizens (European Information Society Institute): An act, which ordered large-scale mass surveillance of citizens (so called data retention) is now history. Today the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic proclaimed the mass surveillance of citizens as unconstitutional. The decision was rendered within proceedings initiated by 30 members of the Parliament on behalf of the European Information Society Institute (EISi), a Slovakia based think-tank. […]

AFSJ (EPPO): We urgently need a European Public Prosecutor’s Office (Euractiv): Every year, several hundreds of millions of euros from the EU budget are at risk due to fraud, corruption and other criminal offences. These crimes undermine the rule of law, write Georgieva, Jourová, and Macovei. […].

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