FREE News: 13th May

UK In Europe: Brexit battle will be won, or lost, on the economy: “The British are not emotionally attached to the European Union, so Brussels needs to show them that the EU can compete with other major economies in the run-up to the UK’s referendum on its membership of the bloc. While issues like democracy, immigration and the EU budget will play a big part in the referendum campaign, it’s “the economy, stupid”, writes Syed Kamall. […]”.

Euro & Finance: Europe’s well of sympathy for Greece runs dry: “When radical leftist Alexis Tsipras stormed to victory in Greece’s general election in late January, he briefly became an icon of the European left.[…]”.

Justice & Home Affairs: Britain rejects migrant resettlement plan: “The United Kingdom said on Tuesday (12 May) it would not participate in any quota scheme to distribute refugees across EU countries, preferring instead to focus its efforts on tackling traffickers.[…]”.

Agriculture & Food: Parliament makes ‘final offer’ on novel foods, cloning: “European Parliament negotiators have tabled what they described as their “final offer” on the EU’s proposed Novel Foods regulation, warning they will not compromise any further with EU member states.[…]”.

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