FREE News: 29th May

Home Affairs (EuObserver) ‘French far-right calls for in/out EU referendum: France’s far-right National Front party has called for an in/out referendum on the EU at the same time as the UK holds its vote.’ […]

International Trade (EurActive) MEPs give passing vote to TTIP: The European Parliament’s Committee on International Trade has given its go-ahead to the European Commission on the EU-US trade agreement, conceding that a controversial arbitration clause, albeit reformed, needs to remain part of the deal.’ […]

EU Law-Making (EuObserver) ‘Ombudsman takes aim at EU’s secret law-making: The European Ombudsman has opened an investigation into the secret meetings between European institutions to shape laws, known as trilogues.’ […]

Asylum Policy (EP Press Release) ‘Red Cross: “Life in Syria after years of conflict has become very difficult: The ICRC has been very active in addressing the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Iraq and Syria. What repercussions has Islamic State’s rise had on the local population and on ICRC activities?’ […]

Migration (EuObserver) ‘UN calls for EU ‘courage’ on immigration: The UN special envoy on migration has urged EU leaders to show more “courage” in the face of growing “nationalism” in Europe.’ […]

PES Vote (EurActive) Race is on to lead European Socialists: The Party of European Socialists is expected to vote for a new leader next month (11 June) but the outcome is uncertain, insiders say, as Germans and Austrians support the incumbent president, Sergei Stanishev.’ […]

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