FREE News 3rd June

Greece in Europe: ‘Juncker and Tsipras to hold 11th-hour bailout talks’ ( EuObserver):Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras will meet European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker for dinner in Brussels on Wednesday evening (3 June) for what could be the last chance to strike a deal with creditors.” […]

 Ombudsman press release: ‘Ombudsman welcomes improvements to Commission expert groups’: “The European Ombudsman, Emily O’Reilly, has welcomed the Commission’s agreement to improve its system of expert groups in response to proposals made by her in an own-initiative investigation. Hundreds of such advisory groups play a crucial role in the development of EU legislation and policy.” […]

 EU Priorities 2020: Matthias Fekl: ‘The EU should have its own arbitration court’ (EurActive) “EXCLUSIVE / France’s Minister of State for Foreign Trade, Matthias Fekl, delivered a proposal for TTIP arbitration reform in Brussels yesterday, in which he recommended the creation of a European court to settle trade disputes.” […]

 UK-US: Secret report urges treaty forcing US web firms’ cooperation in data sharing – Exclusive: UK privacy campaigners say international treaty could provide legal alternative to government’s ‘snooper’s charter’ proposals ( Statewatch) “A top secret report to the British prime minister has recommended that a new international treaty be negotiated to force the cooperation of the big US internet companies in sharing customers’ personal data, the Guardian has learned.” […]

Denmark in EU: Denmark takes a British turn (NewEurope)

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