Free news: June 9th 2015

Council of Europe criticises racism in Hungary, Poland (EurActive)

The Council of Europe’s expert group on racism and intolerance today (9 June) called for action to fight prejudice in Hungary and Poland, after publishing damning reports on the two countries.

The ECRI’s 59-page report on Hungary says that “a radical right-wing populist party openly engages in anti-Roma, antisemitic, homophobic and xenophobic hate speech”.

The report states that anti-Semitism is extensively documented in the speech of Jobbik, the far-right political party which secured 20.54% of the votes at the 2014 parliamentary election and whom the authorities basically refrain from criticising. In 2012 a Jobbik MP called for lists of people of Jewish ancestry to be drawn up, claiming that they represent a national security risk. read more here


Gender equality strategy: MEPs call for clearer targets and better monitoring (European Parliament News)

The EU’s new post-2015 gender equality strategy needs clearer targets, practical actions and more effective monitoring to make real headway against discrimination in the labour market, education and decision-making, says a non-binding resolution adopted on Tuesday.

Parliament also says specific actions are needed to strengthen the rights of women with disabilities, migrant and ethnic minority women, Roma women, older women, single mothers and LGBTI.  The resolution was adopted by 341votes to 281, with 81 abstentions.

The rapporteur, Maria Noichl (S&D, DE), said: “Despite our differences, MEPs focused on our key aim: to finally achieve real gender equality in Europe.” She added: “The resolution will serve as a good, balanced and forward-looking basis for a new women’s rights and gender equality strategy for all women and men in the EU.”

more info here

Gabrielius Landsbergis: “Sanctions against Russia are already bearing fruit” (European Parliament News)

EU-Russia relations were discussed today during the plenary session in Strasbourg and tomorrow MEPs will vote on a report on the state of EU-Russia relations. We spoke to Lithuanian EPP member Gabrielius Landsbergis, who wrote the report, about the impact of sanctions against Russia and the country’s recent entry ban on EU politicians and officials.

How do you react to Russia’s recent entry ban on 89 EU politicians and officials?

The unfortunate “black list” is shedding some light on embarrassing cases when fellow MEPs were halted at the airport and not allowed to enter Russia with no explanation given. This list is untransparent, illegal and arbitrary. But You could say being on this list is “an honour”, because those on it are there for their outspoken position on human rights violations in Russia, for their concern about the situation in Russia and its aggression against Ukraine.

see more here


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