FREE News: 11th-12th June

China overshadows EU, Latin America trade and investment pledges (EurActive): “Unable to match China’s offer of $250 billion (€222 billion) in investment in Latin America, the EU sought ways on Thursday (11 June) to avoid being marginalised in the region, offering new trade deals, visa-free travel and deeper ties.”

Danish right-wing parties support Cameron’s EU reforms (EurActive): “If the right-wing opposition parties win the Danish general elections next week, Denmark’s EU affairs policies will become more Eurosceptic, and will support British Prime Minister David Cameron’s call for EU reforms, the parties confirmed on Thursday (11 June)”.

Greece hopes for a deal after being told ‘the game is over’ (EurActive): “Greece hopes to clinch a deal with its lenders at a meeting of eurozone finance ministers on 18 June, as time runs short for the country to stave off default at the end of the month.”

Things we learnt in plenary: TTIP, Russia, Hungary, Fifa (EU Parliament Press Realise): “EU-Russia relations were high on Parliament’s agenda this plenary week in Strasbourg. In two separate resolutions, MEPs called on EU member states to maintain their unity following Russia´s illegal annexation of Crimea and drew attention to the militarisation of the Black Sea basin. Meanwhile the debate and vote on Parliament´s recommendations for the ongoing Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations were postponed due to the high number of amendments.”

Russia is no longer a strategic partner of the EU, say MEPs (EU Parliament Press Realise): “The EU must critically re-assess its relations with Russia, which are profoundly damaged by Russia’s deliberate violation of democratic principles, fundamental values and international law with its violent action and destabilisation of its neighbours , MEPs said on Wednesday. The EU must now devise a soft-power contingency plan to counter Russia’s aggressive and divisive policies, they said.”

Talks to end Macedonia crisis end without agreement (EurActive): “Macedonian political leaders failed to reach a final agreement to resolve the country’s political crisis in marathon talks in Brussels yesterday (10 June), the European Union said.”

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