FREE News: 15th June

JHA: “Juncker marks 30th anniversary of Schengen agreement” (Euractiv): “Juncker visited Schengen, the town in his native Luxembourg, where on 14 June 1985, the agreement abolished border controls between his country, Belgium, France, West Germany and the Netherlands.[…]”

JHA Council 15-16 June (Council of the European Union Press Release):Justice ministers seek to reach a general approach on the general data protection regulation and the free movement of citizens and businesses. The Council also holds a policy debate on a regulation establishing the European public prosecutor’s office. Home affairs ministers discuss the follow up to the European Council statement on migration from 23 April. The agenda also includes the implementation of measures for the fight against terrorism.”

Council of the European Union on the European Agenda on Migration:

LIMITE documents: European Agenda on Migration – Policy debate (LIMITE doc no: 9825-15, 11 June 2015, pdf, early published on Statewatch): Many areas of disagreement between Member States on how to respond to the crisis in the Mediterranean. Read the full document here.

Greece: “Greek talks collapse, as clock ticks to default(EuObserver): “Greek bailouts talks collapsed on Sunday evening (14 June) over what the EU Commission said was “a significant gap” between the Greek government and its creditors. […]

Digital: “Belgian privacy watchdog sues Facebook” (EuObserver): “Belgium’s national privacy watchdog is taking US internet company Facebook to court, arguing that the way the social network website tracks the behaviour of both members and non-members is illegal under Belgian and European law. […]

Freedom of Expression and Information:EU trade bill threatens media freedom” (EuObserver-opinion):A new EU directive which is being discussed at the European parliament is threatening investigative journalism throughout Europe. […]

Migration: Italian PM Renzi warns EU: “Italy to ‘hurt’ Europe if no decision on migrants” (EuObserver): Italian authorities are ready to implement a secret plan B on migrant arrivals should member states refuse to take in more asylum seekers. […]

Waitergate Scandal:”Poland: Waitergate not over yet” (EuObserver): “A bombshell exploded in Polish politics last week.

Zbigniew Stonoga, a little known businessman and anti-establishment activist, published online over 2,000 pages of files from the Public Prosecutor’s Office concerning one of the most publicised scandals

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