FREE News: 16th June


Migration:Italy’s PM threatened to clamp down on arriving migrants” (EuObserver): Interior ministers are meeting in Luxembourg on Tuesday (16 June) to discuss a plan to distribute asylum seekers in Europe based on criteria like GDP and population size.

“Looking for home in Europe”: (EuObserver Opinion): The European Commission has proposed to relocate 20,000 asylum seekers from Italy and Greece to other EU states. The Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, is also encouraging EU countries to focus on actions not words. Its good for headlines, or tweets, but will it stand the test of time.

Italy: “Italy threatens to give Schengen visas to migrants as EU ministers meet (The Guardian):Frustrated at infighting over sharing the migrant burden, Rome says it will issue temporary visas allowing travel beyond Italy if an equitable deal is not reached”.

UN says one million refugees should be no problem for EU ( EurActiv):

The UN rights chief yesterday (15 June) called for the European Union to take bolder steps to address its swelling migrant crisis, insisting the bloc could easily take in one million refugees. The announcement coincides with today’s meeting of EU interior ministers .

EU justice ministers agreed on data protection rules at a meeting in Luxembourg today (15 June) ( European Commission):

After over three years of negotiations, the Council will start so-called trialogue negotiations with the European Parliament and the European Commission on 24 June to iron out details of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Fundamental Rights: “Data protection: Parliament’s negotiators welcome Council negotiating brief. (European Parliament): Parliament looks forward to starting talks with ministers soon on reform to give the EU high common standards of data protection fit for the digital era, said its key negotiators on Monday, welcoming the Council’s announcement that it had approved its negotiating mandate. The first meeting between the institutions is scheduled for 24 June and will be followed by a joint press conference.

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