FREE News: 24th June

Homophobia (EuObserver) Lithuania grapples with homophobia: Lithuania has recently started discussing its attitudes towards homosexuality, in what remains a novelty for a country ranked among the most homophobic in the EU. […]

Migration (EurActive) Ships rescue 3,700 migrants in just two days: Ships patrolling the Mediterranean have plucked more than 3,700 migrants from overcrowded and unsafe boats in the last two days, Italy’s coastguard said on Tuesday (23 June). […]

Migration (New Europe) Balkan gangs make a killing from refugees that have already risked their lives to pass the Aegean Sea: The police says the gang charged 600-1,000 € per migrant for a ride from the Greek to the Serbian border. This means that the police “harvest” of two guns and 20,000 € was not particularly impressive. Other arrests have allegedly been made. […]

Migration (EurActive) Hungary suspends EU asylum rules: Hungary said yesterday (23 June) it has indefinitely suspended the application of a key EU asylum rule in order “protect Hungarian interests”, prompting Brussels to seek immediate clarification. […]

Transparency (New Europe) Organisations with the biggest lobby budgets get a lot of access, particularly on the financial, digital and energy portfolios: A new analysis published today by Transparency International reveals that the overwhelming majority of lobby meetings held by European Commissioners and their closest advisors are with representatives of corporate interests. […]

Grexit (EuObserver) Greece’s creditors differ on bailout details: Eurozone finance ministers are due to meet Wednesday evening (24 June) to try and reach a deal on Greece’s bailout but the creditors themselves are divided and there are worries about final parliamentary approval. […]

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