FREE News: 29th June

Grexit: Tsipras announces capital controls: “Greece is to become the second eurozone country to impose capital controls on Monday, in a bid to prevent the collapse of the country’s financial system. The decision was taken at a meeting of Greece’s financial stability council on Sunday (28 June), another tumultuous day for the eurozone. Prime minister Alexis Tsipras addressed the Greek people following an emergency meeting of his cabinet on Sunday evening to announce that the Bank of Greece was obliged to introduce capital controls […]”(EuObserver)

In this regard, read also:Greeks can withdraw €60 a day”: “Greek banks did not open Monday (29 June), beginning a week full of financial and political uncertainties for Greece and the eurozone […]” (EuObserver)

Euractiv: ‘Live: Grexit? The endgameEurActiv reports, in real time.

European Commission Press Release: Information from the European Commission on the latest draft proposals in the context of negotiations with Greece.

Data Protection Regulation: Start of the trilogue legislative meetings between the Council and the European Parliament (held in secret): Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation) – Preparation for trilogue (LIMITE doc no: 9958-rev-1-15, 79 pages, pdf). A multi-column document containing the Commission proposal, the European Parliament and Council positions. (StateWatch)

EU, Migration and Fundamental Rights: “Migrant tragedies, one of many fundamental rights challenges that need tackling, finds FRA”:Record numbers of migrants died as they tried to cross the Mediterranean to reach Europe in 2014. Member States should therefore consider offering more legal possibilities for people in need of international protection to enter the EU, as viable alternatives to risky irregular entry. This is one of the conclusions from this year’s Annual report which looks at developments across the EU in many areas over 2014″. (FRA Press Release) From FRA Report 2014 Fundamental rights: challenges and achievements in 2014 – Annual report (pdf version)

Hungary before the European Court of Human Rights: Hungary: “Disruptive MPs” complaint set for Grand Chamber hearing: “A Grand Chamber hearing takes place next month, into complaints against Hungary, which fined opposition MPs for disrupting parliament with anti-government banners.The European court hearing in the case Karácsony and Others v. Hungary (no. 42461/13) and Szél and Others v. Hungary (no. 44357/13) will take place on 8 July. […]” Read the full article on HumanRightsEurope.

Fight against Drug Trafficking: Europol: “Successful Moldovan Drugs Trafficking Operation Coordinated by Europol” Read the article here.

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