FREE News: 7th July

Human Rights:“European Commission commits to increase financing for education in humanitarian emergencies” (European Commission – Press release):

«The European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides announces today his objective to dedicate 4% of the EU humanitarian aid budget to education for children in emergency situations […]».

Grexit: “President Juncker’s speech at the European Parliament on the review of the Latvian Presidency and ahead of the Euro summit on Greece” ( European Commission – Press release): «Speaking in front of the European Parliament today, President Juncker praised the success of the Latvian Presidency saying it was an “efficient and determined Presidency focused on delivering concrete results” […]».

«Speaking on Greece ahead of the Euro Summit tonight, President Juncker said that “We don’t want Greece out of the Eurozone or the European Union, and we will continue to work on the reopening of negotiations”. […]».

See also: “Euro leaders expect Tsipras to make concessions” (EuObserver):

“Most eurozone leaders coming to Brussels for an emergency summit on Tuesday (7 July) are likely to maintain a tough line when Greek PM Alexis Tsipras presents his new bailout proposal.

According to an EU source quoted by Greece’s Kathimerini, 16 out of 18 of Tsipras’ colleagues around the table are in favour of letting Greece leave the eurozone.

Only France and Italy appear ready to accept Tsipras’ demands on debt relief and investments” […] .

“Greek ‘No’ vote backs Angela Merkel into a tight corner” (EurActiv):

“ The resounding “No” uttered by the Greeks on Sunday offers yet more proof of their rejection of the vicious cycle of austerity. Angela Merkel now finds herself trapped between the will of the Greek people and the inflexibility of her finance minister. La Tribune reports.” […] .

“Hollande, Merkel press Greece to bring serious proposals to Eurogroup summit” (EurActiv)

“ France and Germany told Greece on Monday (6 July) to bring serious proposals to the eurozone summit today, in order to restart financial aid talks. In the meantime, the Netherlands warned that if the Greeks went to Brussels demanding changes because they felt supported by the “No” vote in the referendum, it would be ‘over’ for them.” […] .

Saving immigrants:” Shipping industry pleads for EU to save more migrants Big European ships operating within and near Libyan territorial waters are pleading with the international community to step up rescue efforts in the Mediterranean” ( EuObserver).

Sturla Henriksen, CEO of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, says merchant vessels are plucking around one in five migrants from the sea.

“This very much affects us. Neither are the crew trained, nor are these vessels equipped for large-scale search and rescue operations”, he told this website on Monday (6 July).[…] .

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