FREE News: 10th-11th September 2015

Immigration: “Hungary boosts border control, holds army exercise” (EuObserver): “Hundreds of migrants broke through police lines in Hungary near the Serbian border in Roszke on Wednesday (9 September), as the army started mobilising for guarding the frontier. For a third day in a row, desperate migrants tried to flee from a so-called collection point, a makeshift open-air camp for people waiting to be registered at a nearby center that cannot cope with the influx of asylum-seekers.”  Read more here

See also: “Bulgaria, Romania tie migrant quotas to Schengen” (EuObserver): “Bulgaria and Romania will tie the adoption of mandatory migrant relocation quotas to their admission in the EU border-free Schengen zone, a senior Bulgarian government official has confirmed. “Bulgaria and Romania share a stance different from [that of] the Visegrad Four”, Bulgarian deputy prime minister Meglena Kuneva said, referring to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, who are reluctant to take compulsory burden-sharing quotas and insist on tightening EU external border controls instead.” Read more here

Ireland in Europe: “Northern Ireland crisis deepens” (EuObserver): “A political crisis in Northern Ireland about welfare reform and the status of armed groups that want to reunite with the Republic of Ireland, deepened on Thursday (10 September) with the unofficial resignation of first minister Peter Robinson. Robinson also announced three other ministers from his right-wing Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) have resigned.” Read full article

Refugees in Europe: “Refugee crisis a ‘crash test’ for Europe” (EurActiv): “EU Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs Dimitris Avramopoulos explained that he had hoped for more cooperation from Hungary in registering refugees. Der Tagesspiegel reports. Interview conducted by Albrecht Meier. The European Commission is aiming to relocate 160,000 refugees from Hungary, Greece and Italy. Will the member states engage with this plan?” Read more here

Read also: “‘Transit’ countries get tough on refugees” (EurActiv): “While Germany has surprised the world with its welcome of refugees, Greece, Macedonia, Hungary and Denmark are growing hostile towards them, despite the fact that asylum seekers show no interest in settling there. Thousands of refugees trudged through mud and torrential rain to Greece’s border with Macedonia on Thursday (10 September), swelling a human tide across Europe that authorities appear powerless to control.” Read full article


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